You've been at it all day. Working on the streets in 35-degree heat and 98% humidity. Or perhaps it's below zero with a darkening sky that threatens snow. Wherever you are, you need gear you can rely on.

Snow covered hills, Syria

Snow covered hills, Syria

Your bags are stuffed under seats of planes and thrown in the back of Land Cruisers. They’re sat on, used to elevate your feet after a long day, or as a pillow to catch a quick nap.

Over time, your bags become part of your operating system.

They are indispensable items that define who you are and how you travel.

Our Design Intention

We set out from the start to build bags that are useful.

We’ve been to enough markets around the world to know that the world is flooded with bags or all shapes and sizes. We don’t want to add to the deluge of mass-produced bags.

From the beginning of this project, we set out to do things a bit differently.

At their core, Station XV bags are utilitarian. Our design process started with the shell of the bag. We then added functionality as needed. When we believed we had enough functionality, we stopped.

There are no bells and whistles on these bags. Nothing superfluous.

Everything has a purpose.

Mountains of Oman

The mountains of Oman

Meeting Your (And Our) Needs

We know who our customers are. They're just like us.

You have high expectations of your gear. So do we.

You want things to just work. Same.

You don’t like things to fail unexpectedly. We hear you.

You don’t want to carry something that’s flashy. We agree.

Our objective is simple: to provide unique products for unique individuals facing unique challenges.

We don’t just make gear for you. We make it for us.

We are our toughest customer.

Street scenes in central Homs, Syria

Street scenes in central Homs, Syria

Our Design Philosophy

We've designed Station XV bags and accessories with a specific set of principles in mind. Our design philosophy is infused into every aspect of the gear we design and build.


Our gear is designed to be ignored. There's nothing about our bags that will catch the eye or attract attention. They're easily forgotten, except by you.

Hard wearing

We've selected cutting-edge materials that are exceptionally strong and durable for their weight. These materials ensure our gear is highly resistant to abrasion, tearing and other abuse.


We've considered weight in every design element, carefully balancing weight, strength, and durability. Each fabric, strap or component is as light as it needs to be for what it does.

Weather resistant

The materials we've selected are resistant to UV and water. Our bags anticipate poor weather. Even if you're not ready for a sudden downpour, your bags will be.


All our bags have webbing accessory tabs, allowing you to attach straps and pouches. We've developed a small ecosystem of modular accessories that extend the utility of our bags.


Our bags don't use frames or padding, allowing you to pack the bags flat or roll them up and store them efficiently inside other bags.

Street scenes in Beirut, Lebanon

Street scenes in Beirut, Lebanon

Shaped by experience

We build what we need and use what we build.

We've been working in the field since 1989. The last 35 years have taught us a thing or two about what works and what doesn't work. We've poured that experience into the design and construction of our bags.

Iteration with use

We'll be improving our products over time.

We use our own bags exclusively. This living field test, plus the valuable feedback we receive from our most committed customers, provides us the information we need to continually improve our products.

Rigorous attention to detail

We sweat the fine details so you don't have to.

We've paid attention to every aspect of design and materials, from the major features to the smallest stitch. We tested a host of different materials during prototyping, selecting the materials we believe provide the optimum balance of weight and durability.

Replaceable components

User replaceable and customisable components.

All components are attached to the handles and slings, not to the bags. If a component is damaged during use, you can simply replace the handle or sling without needing to replace the entire bag. You can also customise your bags by using your own slings and straps.

Designed for longevity

Our products are designed to stand the test of time.

Our gear is designed and built for the long haul. All of the materials and components we use have been carefully selected based on their durability under difficult conditions. It's entirely possible your Station XV bags may outlive you.

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