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Street Satchel

Street Satchel

The perfect companion for your everyday adventures.

USD $275

The Street Satchel is designed to be the perfect companion for your everyday adventures. A reliable partner for every escapade.

Whether slung across your back while exploring the streets or resting on your lap during a car ride, it keeps your essential gear close at hand.

Built to last, it’s possible that the Street Satchel may outlast you.

Key Features

The Street Satchel follows the design philosophy of the Street Series.


Hard wearing


Weather resistant



Storage & Organisation

The Street Satchel features two compartments: a main compartment and a front compartment.

Inside the main compartment, you’ll find a laptop section that accommodates a 14-inch MacBook Pro. A discreet sleeve behind the laptop section provides space for A4-sized documents.

Consistent with our design principles, the laptop section has no padding. We’ve added a stitch along the base of the laptop section to suspend the laptop and prevent it from resting on the bottom of the bag.

The front compartment houses an organiser panel with two elasticised pockets. This compartment is perfect for small items like a notebook, pen, satellite communicator, or a few rolls of film. There’s a hidden pocket behind the organiser panel that’s ideal for storing your passport, some cash, an Apple AirTag, or a few spare SD cards.


You can sling the Street Satchel over your shoulder using the supplied 38 mm UHMWPE sling.

The sling is detachable and includes quick release buckles to release the strap if you get tangled or dragged. The buckle requires 3 points of release, preventing it from being easily opened by someone trying to take your bag. The quick release buckles are on both ends of the straps, so can be operated if you are right or left-handed.

If you’re only carrying a few things, you could wear the satchel under a jacket. You can also flatten or roll the satchel and slip it into another bag while travelling.


Dimensions: 40 cm (15.75 in) wide at the top x 30 cm (11.81 in) tall

Weight: 365 g (12.87 oz), including shoulder sling

Colour: Black


The Street Satchel was our first bag, and has undergone multiple iterations.

The current version is the Mk II.

The differences between the Mk I and Mk II versions are as follows:

  • Main fabric is now UltraWeave 400X, not UltraWeave 400.
  • Internal organisation panels are now EPX300RS, not UltraWeave 400.
  • 38 mm sling attachment points are now made from UHMWPE mil-spec webbing, not polyester.
  • 25 mm accessory tabs at top and bottom now 12 cm apart, not 20 cm (making them compatible with our range of accessories).
  • The shoulder sling is now made from UHMWPE, not polyester.
  • The shoulder sling now includes two 3-point quick release buckles.
  • We’re now using a high-tenacity thread for production.


We’ve made no compromises when it comes to materials.


Outer fabric: Challenge UltraWeave 400X

Internal organisation panels: Challenge EPX300RS

Internal and external elasticised pockets: Challenge UltraStretch


Shoulder strap attachment points: 38 mm x 1.0 mm UHMWPE mil-spec 17337 weave

Shoulder strap: 38 mm x 1.0 mm UHMWPE herringbone weave

Accessory tabs: 25 mm x 0.6 mm UHMWPE plain weave

Binding: 0.6 mm UHMWPE webbing / polyester binding tape


Main compartment: #8 YKK racquet coil zip with matte PU coating and two XXX sliders

Front compartment: #5 YKK coil zip with matte PU coating and one locking slider

The two zip sliders on the main compartment accommodate left and right-handed people.


Shoulder strap components: Acetal

Components are attached to the shoulder sling, not to the bag.

Design & Materials

Learn more about our materials here.

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