Street Satchel Strap

Street Satchel Strap

A shoulder strap for the Street Satchel Mk II.

USD $45

The Street Satchel Strap is a replacement strap for your Street Satchel. The strap is made from 38mm UHMWPE webbing in a herringbone weave, and includes acetal attachment hardware and three-point quick release buckles.

This strap can also be used for the Street Pack and Street Tote when carrying the bags in satchel mode.

It’s also compatible with the Street Satchel Mk I.

Street Satchel Strap


Weight: 98 g (12.87 oz), including shoulder sling

Colour: Black


We’ve made no compromises when it comes to materials.


Shoulder strap: 38 mm x 1.0 mm UHMWPE herringbone weave


Shoulder strap components: Acetal

Components are attached to the shoulder sling, not to the bag.

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