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Dangerous Travels

A compendium of 52 articles exploring travel safety and security

By Grant Rayner

USD $9.95

In 2023, I wrote 52 articles on travel safety and security.

This book is a compendium of those articles.

These articles focus on a range of different topics, including the following:

  • Assessing and mitigating risk
  • Travel preparation and planning
  • Assessing the security of hotels
  • Aviation safety
  • Journey management
  • Managing communications
  • Responding to traveller emergencies
  • Building local support networks
  • Vetting local contacts
  • Programme management, and more

The articles in this book will be useful for anyone interested in travel safety and security. When writing these articles, I had three audiences in mind.

The first audience is travellers. If you’re a traveller and you like to push your boundaries when you travel, you’ll find the articles focused on individual travel to be very useful.

The second audience is people that work in an organisation and have responsibilities for ensuring the safety of their employees when travelling for work. Many of these people are responsible for implementing and managing programmes that protect their organisation’s travellers. Some are on the front lines of travel safety and security and literally save lives.

The third audience is a younger version of myself, fresh out of the military and just starting my career as a security and crisis management professional. What would I have wanted to know when I was just getting started? This perspective is a key driver for all my writing.

Whoever you are and wherever you fit into the travel safety and security space, I hope you enjoy reading these articles, learn something in the process, and can apply this new knowledge in your work and during your travels.

First published 29 February 2024

ISBN: 978-981-18-9516-6

443 pages