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Inevitable Production Delays

5 January 2024 · Less than 1 minute read

Production of our first batch of bags started in early January 2024.

However, we’ve already hit a snag. I’ve just been informed that some of the materials received by the factory are defective.

A significant amount of 38mm UHMWPE webbing has been found to be defective. In addition, after cutting, the team at the factory found that some of the Challenge UltraWeave 400X material had marks, making it unusable for our bags.

The factory has ordered replacement webbing and fabric, and we’ll need to wait for that material to be made and then delivered to the factory before production can continue.

While this latest issue is a setback to our release plans, I’m pleased that the factory has taken such a diligent approach to assuring high quality standards during production.

At this stage, production is likely to be completed by end of February 2024.

Follow our progress here.