We'll be away for a short while. Any orders for bags received between 19 to 26 May will be shipped during the week of 27 May. Thanks for your understanding.

QC and Prototyping in Vietnam

7 March 2024 · Less than 1 minute read

I’m currently at the factory in Vietnam.

I’m here for a week with two objectives:

  1. Perform quality control on the bags from the first batch
  2. Work with the sampling team on new bag designs

From my side, the quality control process involves a spot check of bags. Given the volumes involved, it’s impractical to check all, so I’m just checking a sample of the total volume. The manufacturer also has their own quality control process in place, which helps to assure that there are no issues with the bags. I haven’t identified and issues and the quality of the bags I’ve checked is excellent. The team here really does an amazing job.

While I’m at the factory, I’m also taking the opportunity to work on the updated prototype of the Travel Pack. I’ve made several minor improvements to the design of the pack based on the testing I’ve been doing over the past few months.

I’ve also worked on a the prototype of a new variant of the Street Pack. All told, I’m planning for three variants of the Street Pack. We’re still largely in the experimental stage to see what can be achieved.

Subject to me paying the balance owed, the bags should ship to me in Singapore within the next few weeks.

Follow our progress here.